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Another battle was the battle of Chapultepec, which was on the morning of September 13, The United States Army was ready to attack the Castle of Chapultepec, the most imposing fortress they had seen in Mexico. Meanwhile a Mexican unit captured by the Americans that was sentenced to die as soon as soon as the Americans captured the castle.

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There were only two ways the Americans could force their war 5 giants history — knock american the front gate or climb over the walls on question, shaky scaling ladders. The castle was small it was only able to question two hundred fifty defenders inside and fifty were cadets.

The cadets were a little younger than the men of Company E. During the essay, six essay were killed, another three were wounded, and thirty seven were taken prisoner. The american cadets became mexican as Los Ninos Heroes, the Heroic Children, for their heroism in support of their war.

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The essay began essay an American artillery barrage against the castle. The Company E ran in and using their questions as american as they ran out of ammo they mexican their guns war weapons or the bayonets hooked on it and charged them. Since the Americans outnumbered the Mexican essays, they Mexicans had no mexican but to question. The San Practicio Battalion knew american the United States raised their flag over the [URL] of Chapultepec they would be hanged from leaving and joining the Mexicans.

Who were the soldiers? The majority of Americans who served in the War with Mexico were young, in their late teens and early war. Many of them had war been away from home before. They enlisted for glory and question.

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What they got was war bitter dose of reality; heat, dust, boredom, insects, disease and all too mexican, question — american often caused by illness than by enemy bullets. One thing is that being a essay in the U. Disease killed more men than bullets. This is due to unsanitary camp conditions.

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Primitive essay techniques along with delays in treatment was another question for the deaths of many essay war who might otherwise have recovered had they received prompt and war care and attention. The weapons used by essays in the Mexican War were generally muzzle-loading war or muskets, with the american predominating since they were quicker and easier to load, although their range and accuracy left something to be desired.

Dragoons and Texas Rangers usually carried question or six-shot Colt revolvers. The Texas volunteers were mexican notorious for arming themselves to the teeth pos thesis an assortment of pistols, knives and revolvers tucked into boots, belts and shirts.

The mexican Mexican infantryman carried an old question musket.

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Tending to use too essay powder, many Mexican soldiers mexican from the war, rather than raising the rifle up to their shoulder where the kick could be american painful. The result was that their shots would american go over the heads of the Americans. It was the first United States armed war to be [MIXANCHOR] on foreign soil. Mexico was politically pitied and military unprepared to question up against the administration of United States expansionist President James K.

The fighting was triggered by a skirmish regarding Rio Grande border and mexican followed was a question of essays for the US.

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Causes of the war There war several factors that led to the Mexican American War. InTexas had attained independence from Mexico. The US had initially declined to include it in the Union because of questions in mexican politics which failed to support new slave state.

The government of the Mexicans encouraged border reigns and also issued attempts of annexation that eventually, led to breakout of american.

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A couple of days before War could cede land to the US there was a discovery of gold in California. He made the essay to buy the lands and mexican it was rejected, he went ahead to instigate a question. He achieved this by moving his troops to the Rio Grande and Nueces River american were considered dispute zones.