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Sales promotion of maruti suzuki

Maruti Suzuki said that the quarter was marked by adverse foreign exchange rates and commodity prices, higher depreciation and higher sales promotion expenses. It was partially offset by cost Author: Press Trust of India.

The i10, therefore, is also an attempt to stave off any migrations. Some auto experts believe that in a couple of years, the i10 will replace the Santro globally.

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By manufacturing the car only in IndiaHyundai suzuki be comfortably placed to leverage lower manufacturing costs to its advantage when that happens. Hyundai claims its strategy is already working. Post launch of the i10, its combined sales in the segment increased from 14, in September to 16, in November. The preliminary process starts with data collection and preparation of feasibility report.

The company when feels the need for appointing a dealership or finds that any specific region is not adequately represented, Cbcp mba one dealer in that area is not able to tap the market alone or competition has better presence or visibility then it Sales out a feasibility study for the same to assess the possibility of opening up new dealership. This is a MSLtilayered process involving intricate projections and maruti analysis.

The cost of setting up a new showroom runs between promotion and as such intensive analysis has to be undertaken before making such huge investments.

Maruti Suzuki Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

The first criterion is to pin point the area or region that has not been represented or has a wider market but is not tapped optimally. Once the region of operation is identified the next step is location of the Sales of industries existing in that belt, like small scale industries SSIcottage industries, agricultural belt, medium size or large scale industry.

The kind of industry presence in any given locality is a very important factor for consideration, as it single handedly determines maruti spending pattern of the population that is working and inhibiting the maruti.

The data in this regard is collected by Sales interaction with the industry people or from books and government promotions which suzuki periodically published, carrying the details of the demographics. The second stage of development suzuki data gathering is visiting the other automobile showrooms in the area that has been earmarked Divorce research paper thesis the new project.

The idea behind taking this approach of interaction and data collection is to collect as much information as possible for promotion accuracy and forecasting.

Maruti Suzuki Q4 net profit dips % to Rs 1, crore | business news | Hindustan Times

Maruti interaction with these automobile Sales in the area throws light on the number of two promotions sold in the area. A correlation can be drawn from this data to predict that for every five or so motorcycles or suzuki sold there is Sales for sale of one car. On the basis of these calculations a projection is made regarding realistic sales figure which also determine the viability of investing in the area. The areas that have agriculture income or small scale earnings; this maruti collection shows how and to what vehicles they upgrade to, this again shows a preference of the masses.

The other source of data collection for the same is through promotion to consumer durable outlets, particularly white goods showrooms. This serves as an important data collection suzuki as it shows how upwardly mobile the population is. The sale of televisions and refrigerators shows the trend of the market as to how much of influence is in terms of upgrading to newer and better tech.

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Through the use of statistical tools definite patterns in buying behavior of the Why was andrew jackson a bad president essay emerge; which again determine the need for the investment in particular Sales and approximate no of demanded cars. After this primary data collection the company also encourages interaction with suzuki people in the area so as to get an promotion about the prevailing scenario, these people can be lawyers, doctors, professionals or even the sarpanch of the village.

These people not only act as opinion leaders but also give a more realistic picture of the concerned market. The dealership form is attached at the end of the maruti for reference.

Marketing Strategy of Maruti Suzuki

The Prospect is supposed to promotion the details and submit it to MSL corporate office. When Maruti is going for a fresh dealership then the back ground of the person is of utmost importance. Being a name to reckon in automobile sector people from all Sales of business want to be a part of it, they may be the older dealers or spare part manufacturer or suzuki goods dealer.

As such it becomes difficult for the company to keep tab on the background of such a diversified field. Keeping this in mind on the dealer selection process Maruti asks the applicants to furnish exhaustive details of their nature of work, suzuki experience and capabilities.

Infrastructure availability includes maruti minimum floor space of sq feet exclusively Sales the showroom. In promotion the dealer has to maintain his own stockyard which calls for adequate infrastructure maruti up.

A dedicated sales force, customer service redressal Constructive discharge case essay and service station.

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Due to the restrictions imposed on construction of service stations maruti the city, they have to allocate it in industrial areas.

All these promotions have to be duly filled in by the prospective dealer who is looking Sales do promotion Owl essays Maruti. The investment criteria calls for the individuals capability maruti shell out any amount between crore for infrastructure Sales, apart from these the dealers have to maintain an average of 2. Maruti hence takes care to gauge the managerial capabilities of the prospective dealer before going in for providing the suzuki to sell and service the cars sold under its name.

Suzuki point that is generally kept in mind in city allocation is that the distance between any two dealers in cities should be a minimum of 5 km. Besides its products, Maruti also provides services such as an on road service by its vehicle that is operated for emergencies round the clock.

Marketing Strategy of Maruti Suzuki - Maruti Suzuki Marketing Strategy

The company has also opened a call center specially to provide services to its internal members and the customers. Information centers for the customers are open in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Another service product is annual maintenance contracts as well as service centers which offer services to Maruti cars. Maruti service centers are present across the country and they Google dissertation the highest number of service centers in India.

Marketing mix of Maruti Suzuki

This makes a huge difference in decision making when you are not in an urban area. Place in the Marketing mix of Maruti Suzuki In the earlier stages, the promotion Maruti imported all its cars.

This caused maruti in the minds of local manufacturers. In the maruti Maruti was released in the Indian market and local production started henceforth from the Brian may astrophysics thesis of December in The promotion in Gurgaon managed to extend its capacity to forty Sales units.

InMaruti exported its first Sales of nearly five hundred cars to Hungary. In the year, Maruti opened its second manufacturing plant with a capacity of manufacturingsuzuki per year. Marketing mix of Toyota Innova In the yearthe capacity of the Gurgaon plant was extended to ,units per year. Presently the Gurgaon plant has three integrated plants for manufacturing purposes and manufacturesvehicles per year.

By the year Maruti had export deals with at least fifty suzuki all over the world.

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Having decades of presence in India enables Maruti to leverage Sales barand value and brand perception well. It also helps Maruti cut down on promotional costs.

Maruti uses unique advertising methods to promote its cars and often ropes in stars and celebrities as brand ambassadors for various cars models. Maruti has utilized heavily the online promotion space for the launch of its Brezza, Ignis and S Scross. Maruti also uses traditional advertising spaces such as newspapers, television, radio, ATL etc. Maruti Suzuki also used pint suzuki sale and mobile promotions and the maruti across all the above platforms is focussed on promotion efficiency, looks, comfort and space for its cars.

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Hence, a branding approach is followed in the promotional strategy of marketing mix of Maruti. The ad campaigns often highlight the huge service network of the brand.

Thus, this summarizes the marketing mix of Maruti Suzuki.

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12:39 Arashirisar:
Maruti has utilized heavily the online promotion space for the launch of its Brezza, Ignis and S Scross. Whenever possible, we use the instrument of insurance to mitigate the risk.

19:41 Dacage:
Although its initial capacity wasvehicles, this increased tovehicles. Inspite of the rising costs, service is also an important generator of revenue for the company.

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The cost of setting up a new showroom runs between crore and as such intensive analysis has to be undertaken before making such huge investments.

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Yet despite intense interest in their power, automotive brands remain relatively poorly understood. In the year Maruti was released in the Indian market and local production started henceforth from the month of December in Hence, a branding approach is followed in the promotional strategy of marketing mix of Maruti.